The attention of Christ Apostolic Church Supreme Council has been drawn to September 27, 2020 edition of the Nigerian Tribune Newspaper, page 26, containing a news item captioned “CAC ENDS 29-YEAR-OLD CRISIS” and that the Mission is set to inaugurate integration committee. The Newspaper credited the source of their information to Pastor Akinosun’s statements during the “2020 Virtual Pastors’ Conference” of the Church tagged “God in the administration of man” at the All Saints Chapel, Basorun, Ibadan, Oyo State. The news was also circulated widely in the social media.

The Christ Apostolic Church Supreme Council and its teeming members DISASSOCIATE THEMSELVES from the entire publication as there is generally no iota of truth therein as far as the current efforts to unify the Christ Apostolic Church (CAC) major factions are concerned. The publication is nothing but a calculated falsehood.

IN REACTION, the Supreme Council led by Pastor Henry Ojo would like to condemn unequivocally the move by Pastor Akinosun of the General Executive Council to confuse the whole world that according to him “God moved all our leaders from various groups and told them to put an end to the crisis” naming various Pastors leading splinter groups and relevance seeking agitators within the two factions involved in the over 29 years crisis rocking the Church.

The current state of affairs with regard to efforts being made for total unification of the Christ Apostolic Church, Nigeria and Overseas are as follows:
a) YES, through divine intervention, a Peace and Unity Committee comprised of equal members from the two factions, which included their leaders, commenced deliberations on Monday, 23rd October, 2017
b) The Committee had several meetings and had reached consensus on the following grounds, amongst others:
• Approval of joint programmes on –

  • Sunday School Manual
  • Watchword for each year
  • Good women meetings
  • Youth Conferences
  • Joint unity prayers
  • Exchange of visits during yearly Pastors’ Conference and Convention
  • Composition of New Trustees for the unified CAC

c) The major unresolved issues include the following:
i) Of the 5 (five) Leadership positions for the unified CAC the General Executive Council was to take 3 (three) posts including that of the President, The General Evangelist and The Finance Director while the Supreme Council was to take 2 (two) positions of the General Superintendent and the General Secretary. This is the major objection from the General Executive Council unwilling to share the positions;
ii) The issue of renewed Certificate of Registration No. 147 for Christ Apostolic Church, Nigeria;
iii) The cases of WOSEM, CACSA and Church Planters;
iv) The new Constitution for the unified CAC.

d) The last effective meeting of the Peace and Unity Committee was held on 6th February, 2019 at GEC Secretariat, Anlugbua and adjourned till 12th June, 2019. The General Executive Council was to consult with their General Council on the request of the Supreme Council for the two positions of General Superintendent and the General Secretary out of the five Principal Officers’ positions.

Since the meeting of 6th February, 2019, the meeting of the Peace and Unity Committee was stalemated by the refusal of the General Executive Council to continue participation in the meeting as they said they stood by their earlier statement not to “pull down the structure already in place in their faction”

e) The Supreme Council wrote their first letter to persuade the General Executive Council not to truncate the meeting and their reply was that it was receiving attention. The Supreme Council followed up with further letters dated 14/10/2019, 30/10/2019, 13/1/2020, 30/3/2020 and 27/4/2020 all putting pressure and persuading the General Executive Council to agree to recommence the peace and unity meetings but to no avail till date of this publication.

The Supreme Council of the Christ Apostolic Church is therefore taken aback to see the fake information ascribed to Pastor Akinosun, who was and still the last Chairman of the Peace and Unity Committee, a statement that leaves much to be desired.

For a leader of the largest congregation of worshippers to be spreading false statements prepared for him by splinter groups within the Christ Apostolic Church that the crisis is over when he knows it is not so yet, is very disheartening. It is nothing but championing a disrespect to the integrity of the Church. The general public is therefore urged to IGNORE that publication in its entirety as it betrayed the unfaithfulness of the General Executive Council to the current efforts at unifying the Christ Apostolic Church.

The Supreme Council would also like to put on record that at the onset of the Peace and Unity meeting between the two factions in CAC, Pastor G.O. Lagunju the then President of the Supreme Council, voluntarily stepped down to pave way for the reconciliation and unification of the Mission. Pastor Akinosun failed to take advantage of that opportunity. Rather, he and the General Executive Council engaged in their usual tactics that had frustrated all such peace moves over the last 29 years.

The Supreme Council of the Christ Apostolic Church is always at hand for genuine spirit of reconciliation so that the crisis may come to an end to the glory of God. All the Supreme Council asked for, that has become a bitter truth that the General Executive Council could not swallow is that the Principal Officers posts for the unified Christ Apostolic Church should be shared between the two factions for the sake of fairness and in the spirit of give and take. The strategies of the General Executive Council so far, in our opinion, are compromised, egocentric and economical with truth highly motivated by self-esteem, self-interest and not divinely driven.

Also, for Pastor Akinosun as Chairman of the Peace and Unity Committee to openly accept a communiqué from a splinter group from the Supreme Council led by Pastor J.K. Omoniyi (who recently led a few Coordinating Councils in Lagos to purportedly join the GEC AKinyele Region and still to date call themselves Supreme Council, Lagos) as authentic statement to be publicized without minding the consequences thereto, is nothing but a divide and rule tactic and leaves much to be desired. This attitude of indiscipline, hatred and love of money is a phenomenon and plague allowed for too long by the previous leaderships to destabilize the Mission.

Furthermore, now that Pastor Akinosun has clocked the mandatory retirement age of 75 years in February 2020 and has retired, he should leave his successors with open mind to recommence the peace process to end the 29 year old crisis.

For and on behalf of the Christ Apostolic Church Supreme Council Faction.

Pastor E.E. Aladesaiye
General Secretary