CAC Peace Move On A Shaky Path

CAC Peace Move On A Shaky Path

Indication has emerged that the next week’s joint unification prayer of Christ Apostolic Church at Ikeji Arakeji may not hold as punlicised.

This is as the parties concerned have started to be doubting the sincerity of each other over the peace process.

It was reliably gathered that attendance of the Supreme Council at the prayer meeting had been subjected to the outcome of a meeting that would be held on Monday.

A source, who is a member of Supreme Council said the outcome of the meeting would determine the participation of the council at the prayer meeting.

According to him, ” the first prayer meeting at Irefin was only designed for members of peace committee just for General Executive Council to call our President that the prayer meeting would involve every church member, it was even sudden for Irefin that hosted the meeting”.

He continued, ” the second one held at Olugbode was even worse as we were not prepared for it, Pastor Akinosun just call Baba Lagunju, on Tuesday that the prayer will hold on Friday, we told our president to tell him to exercise patience, because we wanted peace committee to meet and decide some issues before we continued with the prayer, but our President said he forgot to tell him”.

When asked who determine the date and order of the programme, he said ” the peace committee had not been meeting, General Executive Council determined everything even without seeking our consent.”

“Even the next date and venue was determined by them, we were surprised to hear the date we will go to Arakeji when we have not been told to know whether we will agree or not. Monday will determine whether we will go or not” he said.

Information from Anlugbua also show a kind of lack of trust in Supreme Council as General Executive Council had seen the absence of two members of Supreme Council at the Peace prayer meeting as a threat to the process.

The Director of Publicity for GEC said these people had not been in support of this peace process.

He said “there are three people in Supreme Council who do not want this problem to be solved, they are the ones who had instituted various court case, you will notice that they had not attended any of the prayer meeting”.

Though he mentioned their names but the names are kept for a reason.

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