CAC Peace update: power display takes over

CAC Peace update: power display takes over

Youths set the pace.

Lagos threatens Supreme Council

It will not work – PRO

With serious enthusiasm for unity of Christ Apostolic Church among members, there is strong indication that much progress ARE beInG made though strong opposition has also emerged in some quarteRs.
It was reliably gathered that while each department had embraced this unity with joy, some power-hungry pastors were still doing all they could do, to jeopardise the process.
This has resulted in physical assault among pastors in supreme council while not much resistance manifest among pastors in General Executive Council perhaps due to better management and arrangement in the faction.


Youth Fellowship set the pace

While other departments are still working on the possibilities of having one conference this year, the Youth Fellowship of both Supreme and General Executive Council have concluded plan to hold one youth conference this year.
It was learnt that a fourteen man panel comprises seven representatives from each faction were set up and when they met, the two parties expressed joy to have joint conference this year which led to the formation of another eight man panel four from each faction to work on the conference.
According to the General Secretary Youth Fellowship Supreme Council, Pastor Anibaloye, the eight man panel haD reached a conclusion on the theme, sub topic, and the venue of the Conference. The panel also concluded that out OF ten sub topics for this year’s conference, each faction will nominate five speakers.
“ They had already concluded plans for their conference but when we gave them our own theme they dropped theirs and embraced our theme, almost all our subtopics were accepted which showed that they were ready for the peace” Anibaloye said
He continued “ As touching the venue, they have thirteen centres while supreme council has just one, aside these thirteen they have within the country, they have another ten outside Nigeria including Ghana, Togo, Italy, UK, US and others, this is as a result of large number of participants who will attend the conference. For instance Lagos Centre alone has the participants of at least 30000, while Oyo/Osun has the minimum of 13000,”
With this figure the committee agreed that there is no place that could contain everybody for now, not even Arakeji or Alasepe, , and concluded that Youth Fellowship of Supreme Council will make use of Alasepe for this year, while some members of General Executive Council will join them .
It was also concluded that all the centres including Alasepe will make use of one theme, same programme which will have same design, colour and pattern.
In an interaction with one of representatives of supreme Council, Elder Alabi, he said the General Executive Council gladly welcome them to the meeting.

Lagos Supreme Council threatens to disown faction if one Sunday Pamphlet proposal fail.
Plan to use joint Sunday school in July may not be visible as some powers have been working against it.
It was gathered that when it was first proposed, Supreme Council accepted it but reliable source disclosed that some set of pastors went to discouraged Pastor Lagunju the Supreme Council President who later gave order that it will not work and sent representatives of Supreme Council at the meeting to deliver it that way.
While at the when we were discussing the issue, General Executive Council argued for some times and they dropped their write ups which had already been printed and ready to take that of Supreme Council all to ensure that we use common Sunday School pamphlet. A source said.
He continues, seeing this attitude, Pastor Lagunju was moved and gave another order that the pamphlet would be used and we gladly left that meeting, just to hear later that same set of people went back to baba again and confused him, for now he has given another order that joint Sunday school mannual will not work again. We don’t even know how to tell the peace committee again that it will not work.
However, it was reliably gathered that Lagos had written Supreme council that whether the Council embrace the joint manual or not, that is what they will use come July this year.

Pastors’ conference’s plan inconclusive
Plan to have joint pastors conference this year may not also work as some powers are seriously working against it.
It was learnt that when the issue was raised, Supreme Council Pastors conference Chairman objected it saying they had concluded plan and that the Supreme Council always used five days while GEC are using 3days, GEC also accepted their prepared manual and agreed to extend it to five days also but till now arrangement had not been concluded on it.

Fear job insecurity grips Supreme Council administrative staff
The ongoing peace move is being embraced by administrative staff of Supreme Council with mix feeling.
It was gathered that though these people were happy about the developments but they are still being griped with fear of loosing their job when the conflict was settled.
When visited the Supreme Council secretariat, the ongoing peace move was the chorus in the mouth of most of them.
Some of them even alleged that all the principal officers had collected #10M to sell the workers to General Executive Council.
The Publicity director of the Council Pastor Ayantoye who was passionately coursing those officers promised to do everything to ensure that the process was not successful

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