Hold Us Responsible If CAC Is Not One- Lagunju

Hold Us Responsible If CAC Is Not One- Lagunju

As process to unite the Christ Apostolic Church continues, the church authority from both sides again gathered at the Missionary Headquarters of the Church CAC Olugbode Itabaale  Ibadan to pray together.

The prayer meeting which was the second of its kinds, was attended by clergy and members of the Church  from both Supreme and General Executive Council.

Obviously, anybody who attended the programme would be convinced that the Church authorities were ready to end the crisis as the leaders were hugging each others and praying with serious zeal to God to perfect the process.

However, fear of sabotage became apparent at a stage when the President Supreme Council  Pastor G O Lagunju was asked to comment on the programme,  as he observed that some people were not happy with the peace process, saying those set of people had been  doing things that could tarnish the peace move.

He called on members of the church to hold leaders of the church responsible if the current peace move fail.

“There is nothing we are waiting for, from now on, every member of Christ Apostolic Church should be asking us the stage of the process, come to me, go to  Alugbua ask us, if we fail to unite this church, God will not forgive us. He said

He said “We don’t want those prophets who were using charms in this mission again, and our prayer from now is for God to expose them, enough is enough, and anybody who  because of money against this move will not have rest”

Pastor Lagunju said if other denomination s could have one leaders why is CAC having two leaders.

“It is a shame, Baptist is having is having one head, Anglican is one leader, Anglican is not divided as well as others then what is the problem with CAC, shame on us if we can not settle it this time around” ha side.

In his own remarks,  President General Executive Council, Pastor Abraham Akinosun, urged every members of the church to  support the  current move to make the church one.

The outgoing General Evangelist, General Executive Council, Prophet Kayode  Abiara said the church had to ask for the forgiveness from  God for wasting resources that would have been used for the propagation of the gospel .

The last Unity Prayer Crusade will hold on January 26 this year at  the Joseph Ayo Babalola Convention Ground Ikeji Arakeji, Osun State.

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