Meet a Teacher of teachers; Pastor Joseph  Folarin Agbeniga

Meet a Teacher of teachers; Pastor Joseph Folarin Agbeniga


Pastor Joseph Folarin Agbeniga was born into the family of Ojo Oretu of Oretu village near Ijaye in Akinyele Local Government, Ibadan. Oyo State ,Nigeria.
His religious background was that of an Africa Traditional Religion {Esin Ibile tabi Abalaye}
He got converted to Christianity in 1970 and started off the Gospel immediately.
He was disinherited by his Father after his conversion.
To support himself as a preacher, he worked as a saw miller. He also wanted to venture into hunting but his new faith could not allow that.
Later, he went to Port-Harcourt where he worked as a Chaplain in his brother’s {soldier} barracks.
He become a disciple of Pastor Abegunde at C.A.C Iroko in 1973 and later followed Pastor Adetunji Adedigba {another Mentor} to Ogbomoso for Church planting in 1974.
From Ogbomoso he got a letter to come to Port-Harcourt, from where he moved to Shedam in Plateau State to plant a C.A.C branch under District Superintendent Alli in 1975.
He returned to Ibadan in 1977 when Pastor Yerokun was the District superintendent of Ibadan and its environs. He was posted as an Evangelist to Erinwusi.
He moved back to Jos in 1978 and worked with Pastor Daramola to plant many Churches in Goko, Taranto Jos, Bunion .
Further education: He enrolled at Gospel Faith Mission Bible School in 1980. He graduated in 1982 and worked with the mission till 1984. He rejoined C.A.C. in 1984. He worked at C.A.C Alayin, CAC Oke Isegun Efun in 1985 and 1986 respectively.
He also studied at Emmaus Bible College Olodo in 1990.
He received the inspiration to establish IMPOBIC in 1996 and he obliged immediately.
On his return to C.A.C he was transferred to Alayin Village during the time of Pastor Akande. In 1985 he was transferred to Aba-Efun.
1988, he was transferred to C.A.C Ayadaade, Monatan.
1989, he become District Evangelist of Irefin District during the time of Pastor Akindele.
1992 he was transfered to C.A.C Oke-Iyanu Agugu and in 1995, he was transferred to C.A.C Oke-Iye Eru-Omu and later to C.A.C Atipe.

During his stay at Eru-Omu, ,God used Pastor Agbeniga to extend the church from just an assembly to become a district headquarters, with up to ten assemblies established by God through him, and he claims non of theses Assemblies to be his own.
In 2005, the Supreme Council made him one of the Disciplinary Committee.
In 2008 he was transferred to C.A.C Oke-Itura Owode Acadamy and in 2014 he was transferred to C.A.C Oke-Igbala Aremo.
He was promoted to the post of Chairman for DCC XII at C.A.C Oke-Itura Owode in April,2018.
God has raised many giants through Pastor J.F Agbeniga, these include many Pastors in Christ Apostolic Church who are now District Superintendent in CAC.
Among them is District Superintendent, Onideure District, Pastor Segun Adeniyi,
VISION: To produce mature believers who need not to lean on ministers for welfare-Spiritually, Emotionally etc.
MISSION: Church Planting, Teaching and Evangelism.
QUALITIES: Forbearance, Perseverance, Tenacity, Resilience ,Bravery, Cleverness, Purity and God-fearing
LIKES: Zealousness, Being Focused, Determination, Silent labour.
DISLIKES: Laziness, Idleness, hypocrisy, grumbling and complaining, lack of faith.

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    Good to hear this as I,m the part of people who spiritually benefit from baba J.F AGBENIGA through his Bible college in soka Ibadan. May the lord strengthen him to live-long for us.

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